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What is it?

Rucksack is a collaborative organization tool which anyone can run on their own server, inspired by a certain other collaborative organization tool.

The key feature is that you have “Pages” which contain widgets. Widgets can be moved around, edited, and so on. Pages can be shared privately to other users for editing, or shared publicly for viewing.

Widgets included as standard are lists, notes, and separators.

Rucksack also implements simple reminders (using chronic), and also a Journal for providing Twitter-like status updates.

Available Widgets


  • Upload everything to GitHub
  • Profit!!!
  • Write a lovely example page for Rucksack

Notes 3 Jan

Need to demonstrate another widget.


In conclusion

Great! Where can i download it?

RuckSack is available from GitHub .

Is there a demo?

Sadly, no. However you may have noticed that this page was generated by Rucksack, and thus is a good approximation of what you can expect to see after installing Rucksack.

Apart from that, all i can suggest is to try out Rucksack for yourself .

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